Can TRIFAIRY Moissanite Rings Pass the Test of a Diamond Test Pen?

Can TRIFAIRY Moissanite Rings Pass the Test of a Diamond Test Pen?

In recent years, increasingly moissanite has become widespread and popular. As the popularity of moissanite has grown, fakes on the market also growing. Buyers of moissanite rings are likely to be duped by fake moissanite merchants. Only real diamonds and moissanite can pass the diamond pen test. And the quality of the moissanite products varies so much that only a particularly good moissanite can pass the test of diamond test pens with high marks.

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In, every moissanite jewelry, every moissanite ring, has been tested by experts, and each moissanite jewelry has its own test certificate and code.

Can TRIFAIRY moissanite ring pass a diamond pen test?

The following video will reveal the answer for you.

The first thing you'll see in the video is the moissanite ring package from, a simple yet luxurious ring box. The moment you open the box, you are opening a valuable treasure. A white protective case covers the ring box to prevent damage to the purchased moissanite ring in transit.

Next we'll get a full look at the TRIFAIRY moissanite ring, which is exactly the same as a diamond, without any difference in the direct appearance. TRIFAIRY moissanite rings are handmade from the finest moissanite, each unique in its own. The moissanite used by TRIFAIRY is D-class, VVS clarity, the top of the top moissanite (extremely white in transparent colorless) with the platinum-plated sterling rings.

The diamond test pen in the video uses the thermal properties of diamonds to identify diamonds and distinguish the quality of a diamond. The diamond test pen is composed of a test head and a control box. The metal tip of the test head is electrical heating. When the heated metal tip touches diamond, the temperature drops obviously, and the thermistor sensor will beep.

Official operation method of diamond test pen:
Step 1: Turn on the power, the power indicator lights up and the instrument begins to warm up. After a few seconds, the instrument will be ready for use.

Step 2: Put thebarediamond into the proper recess of the support tray, and put its table face up. Diamond products do not have to be put in the tray hole, but with a hand it can be.

Step 3: Turn on a number of light emitting diodes according to the weight of the testeddiamondand the temperature of the tested location.

Step 4: Take off the probe sheath, hold the text penand touch the conductive plateon the back cover with right index finger; Make the probe touch the diamond.

Step 5: Watch the diamond test pen carefully. If the remaining yellow leds light up, and when they turn up to 9, with a beeping sound, it means the subject is real diamond.In contrast, if fewer than nine lights are lit and the instruments do not produce a ringing sound, it indicates a fake diamond.

The diamond text pen's nine diodes are clearly lit and a distinct beeping sound indicates that the TRIFAIRY moissanite is real! And the high nine diodes indicates high-quality of TRIFAIRY moissanite, similar to the highest quality diamonds!

In TRIFAIRY, each moissanite jewelry is tested.

In TRIFAIRY, each of the moissanite rings uses top level moissanite.

TRIFAIRY, a reliable brand of moissanite!


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