Is moissanite a good diamond alternative?

Recently, moissanite has been widely recognized and concerned by the public, and the controversy over it has intensified. Hardly anyone can see the difference with diamond in appearance, but its price is much lower than diamond. More and more people are choosing moissanite instead of diamonds. So, will moissanite be a good alternative for diamonds?

is moissanite ring the best diamond althernative?

What is moissanite?

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 by a scientist named Henri Moissanite in a crater in Arizona. Compared to diamonds, Moissanite is about a close to perfection as you can get in quality and clarity. Similar to the physical characteristics of diamonds, diamonds can last forever, a permanent pass, Moissanite stone can also.

What's the difference between moissanite and diamond?

I suspect there are about three people in the world who can tell the difference between the two stones simply by looking at them without the actual testing tools. Experts tell the difference with a special tester or use a 10x magnification loupe and look for the doubling of the facet lines on moissanite that you won’t see with diamond.


  1. Is moissanite a good diamond alternatives in term of Hardness?

The area that a diamond exceeds moissanite in is hardness. Moissanite is a very hard stone like a diamond which has a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale; moissanite is rated a 9.25 which is extremely durable. Some retailers offer a lifetime guarantee on moissanite against chipping or other damage.


  1. Is moissanite a good diamond alternatives in term of looks?

Moissanite is more brilliant and sparkly than a diamond with similar clarity, color, and cut. Its fire is 2.5 times that of diamonds, and it is indeed much more flickering than diamonds in light. In addition, moissanite has the so-called “double refraction” property. This means that if you look through the top or the side of a polished round moissanite, the facets on the opposite side of the stone will appear doubled. In diamonds, you shouldn’t be able to see such an effect.

 is moissanite ring a best althernative for diamond rings

  1. Is moissanite a good diamond alternatives in daily life?

Interesting that diamond has a natural love of grease and it easily attracts grease which builds up on diamond’s surface and can reduce its luster appearance. Moissanite is less likely to attract grease, sparkling brightly even when it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. It is unwise to leave any greasy or sticky substance on any gemstone for any longer than necessary. So moissanite is more in line with daily needs.


  1. Is moissanite a good diamond alternatives in term of price?

For the price of a 3k set of moissanite you are getting the quality of 20–25k diamond. They are continuously improving the cut and clarity of moissanite. The price advantage means you can wear more, or bigger, moissanite stones, which is one form of “prettier.”

Price wise, yes they are not cheap but for someone whose budget does not allow for a diamond ring, I think a moissanite ring is a good option. You can always upgrade later on when you can afford it.


So to answer that it is the best alternative for diamond, yes.

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