Love is in the air, and everyone loves a love story. Share with others why this person meant so much to you.

We'd love to hear your love story, and share it with others. As the words are spoken, eye contact, gentle nudges, and warm smiles are often exchanged between the ones who are sharing because their story and the love that transcends is at the very heart of the story. Share your love story and tag us on social media, and be entered for a chance to win a special gift supply by 
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What kind of love story can you share in two tweets, an Instagram caption, a  video or a Facebook post? Tell us a love story from your own life — happy or sad, capturing a moment or a lifetime — in no more than 500 words. Include a picture taken by you that complements your narrative, whether a selfie, screenshot or snapshot.

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Be brave! Share your story today.

-Tell us how you met.  How does your love story begin? We want to know what brought you two together in the first place.

-Tell the story of your proposal. Tell us where and when. The more details, the better!

-Tell us about a wedding date. When are you getting married?

(Upload Your Pictures! Share with us as many pictures as you'd like! Cell phone pics or professional engagement photos. It's up to you. We'll share them all!)

-Tell us about the ring!  What do you love most about the ring? Why did you choose this particular shape and style? Did the two of you design it together? Was it a complete surprise?

-Already married? Tell us all about your wedding! Where did the special day take place? What was your wedding style? Any special details you want to share?

-Tell us about your honeymoon, we want to know about the details.

We seek to collect the funniest and heart-wrenching entries we receive. We call them Love Stories. They are about as long as this paragraph. We will publish your love story on our website.

The month of Feb.,  The winner list will be announced within a week after Valentine's Day!